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Hello All,

Last year was one huge roller coaster ride for myself, my family and my Ranch.  I met a wonderful man and after a bit decided to sell my ranch and move onto his.  We subsequently took a few well deserved road trips and on one of these spontaneous trips we found ourselves standing on the sand looking out at the ocean from the Oregon Coast.  We instantly fell in love!

Over the next year we returned on many occasions and eventually started looking for a Summer place in the area.  We found exactly what we were looking for and spent 3 Summers there.  But........every Fall when it was time to pack up the Chickens, Dog and Finches and head home we would be so sad.  We had come to consider THIS our home and our other place BACK THERE!  LOL

So, in early 2017 I said to Bill, why don't we put the place on the market and see what happens.  If it sells, it sells, we won't budge on our price and if we get our price it was meant to be.  Figuring it would surely not happen anytime soon, we went on with our lives without much thought that we would get an offer before the end of the year.  Well, as the powers that be decided on our fate, we received a solid, no nonsense offer within THREE DAYS!, YIKES!!!

We packed a house that had been Bill's home for over 25 years and mine for only 4.  It was, to say the least, quite a LOT of work and very emotional.  But, here we are now residents of Gold Beach, in Curry County Oregon.  We built a new house next to the original cabin and LOVE IT!

So, to make this already long story shorter if possible.  We are here, the chickens are all here, my LGD is here, all the Lady Gouldian Finches made it and even the 75 gallon aquarium completely stocked is here and we are getting settled.. We moved into our new construction on December the 15th and I still am not sure where anything is!  hahaha

2018 will be the first Summer in quite a while that I will have time to focus on my poultry.  I sold a lot of birds but kept a trio or quad of the very finest I had.  It will be a slow road back but I'm working on it and will most likely have hatching eggs and a limited number of chicks available this coming Fall.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all my loyal followers that have emailed and messaged me over the past 2 years.  I haven't been very good at replies but...........................................
                     HEAVEN SENT RANCH

           on the Southern Oregon Coast is back

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